Home Loan Reviews

Home Loan Review.

As part of our service to our clients, we are pleased to be able to offer you a free of charge property mortgage review service. No, we are not in the business of offering home loans, as our core business is taxation and accounting.  We have however, engaged the services of an independant home loan broker with whom we trust.  Like a lot of businesses, we rely on referrals for new clients and want to create synergies with other professionals, so we have teamed up with The Australian Loan Company in order that we can offer property mortgage reviews to our clients.
Most people find it difficult or too much work to look at new finance for their existing loans. However, your current bank may not be offering you their cheapest rate in many circumstances. Our Home Loan Specialist will enter negotiations on your behalf to encourage them to do so. If they won't, they will approach their competitors to motivate them to offer you a more competative rate. This is a "win" for everyone involved!
The process hopefully will be simple and painless and  possibly lead to a better outcome for you in the long term.  Our home Loan Specialist will examine basic details relating to the conservative value of your property, such as the size of debt you currently have, the current interest rate, whether it be variable or fixed and the name of your current lender. On completion of this simple review, you will know if there is a potential cost saving in moving or re-negotiating your existing mortgage. As a client of Holland Fielke, we can provide them with your lastest financials and tax returns without the need for unknown parties to be involved.  This will secure your personal and valuable information, plus help smooth out the whole process.
If you would like to take advantage of this service, please contact Graham or James.  We can discuss your requirements and then forwatrd this onto our specialist, who will make contact with you.